Writing as an Agile experiment

I always loved writing since I was a little child. In school when we had to write an essay or a composition I was one of those who wrote 10 pages or more even on the weirdest subjects.

Exploring different styles of writing

Growing up, I kept the attitude and I experimented different styles, I wrote for fashion and lifestyle magazines, I practiced a lot when I was a copywriter for a web marketing agency and later on as a digital content creator for a startup.

When inspiration doesn’t come too easy

Since I moved to Ireland, I stopped writing. I didn’t have specific topics that I wanted to explore, neither any inspiration. My life was changing so much both professionally and individually that I didn’t know what the future had in store for me and my career path.

Perfect or nothing

I am not sure what happened exactly, but maybe, I was too focused on my perfectionist side and realized that it was too much effort, time and energies writing something just to play.

Why did I change my mind? Simple. I found something that it’s worth the effort, and I am kicking off an experiment: leave behind my “perfectionist shadow” and start to focus on quick wins.

When I started thinking about writing again I was almost falling in the neverending circle of “each article has to be perfect, unique”.

Do I have the time to write once a week? What topics should I cover? Should I write about what I know?

Start small

I stopped for a moment and realized that I had to rewind and start small: write when I want and allow myself to not be a “perfectionist seeker”. Does perfection exist nowadays?

If I wanted to start small and focus on quick wins, why not writing about Agile and Scrum? These subjects are my experimentation space, but also my way of life! As simple as that. And isn’t the core of Agile “start small and learn fast”?

Writing as an iterative experiment

This is exactly what I’ll do, I’ll experiment and explore different topics and learn from them as fast as I can, so I don’t overthink the entire writing process and don’t put so much effort on it.

Agile is not a magical recipe

But everybody talks about Agile… Agile as a way of thinking software, human resources, marketing… Only a few say that it is not a “magical recipe” to make businesses successful. This is where my focus will be! I’ll write about how to connect Agile with the reality and the world we leave in because theories are always useful, but they are more “powerful potions” when they have legs and two feet firmly planted on the ground 🙂

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