What I like:

  • Writing on my blog about Product, Agile, UX
  • Reading UX books
  • Travelling & discovering new countries
  • Learning new things everyday
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Music
  • Watching “many” TV series on Netflix
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
Let’s keep in touch: giuliatumminelli8@gmail.com

Meet Giulia

Humility is my core value, as it’s the driving force to always make things the best they can be and play the “infinite game” with myself to become a better person and professional.

This is what leads me toward “falling in love with the problem and not the solution”. For this reason, I have a keen interest in “why” and “how” products are built & projects are pursued to ensure the customer is always at the center.

For me, data-informed decisions are better than data-driven decisions. In the end, data are not meaningful if you don’t infuse them with values and an outcomes-first approach.

“People over processes and tools” is my motto from the Agile Manifesto as, to me, the most important thing is to maximize the value and the impact of the people who work with you. This is at the heart of the strategy to drive success and build products that people really need and want.

Here is a list of my personal values:

care about people more than products, who, in turn, knowing they are supported in their growth, create great products.

curiosity: I know what I don’t know, therefore I ask.

people trust: people are good, even the most difficult people are good inside, so I meet these people where they are and help them take the steps they can.

adaptation: plans do fall apart, so I act in the moment with the team, rather than holding on to any one idea or hope about how things should turn out.

thirst for learning: I am not done growing yet, I have a lot of things to learn.

growth & excellence mindset: any group of people can do good things in the world, given a growth environment and an audacious goal. I believe excellence exists and is worth pursuing.

chaos is essential. Chaos and destruction are simply building blocks for something better.

Some Certifications earned

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