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The User’s Journey by Donna Lichaw: Key learnings

Back when I was studying communication at the university, I was fascinated by the ability of filmmakers and writers to create compelling stories that kept people engaged frame after frame, page after page. Later on, I discovered that all these exciting events happening subsequently in their narrative were not just the fruit of imagination (well,…

Lean UX – Un esempio pratico

L’ideazione di un prodotto digitale è veramente complessa, come lo è anche il suo sviluppo e conseguente crescita. Ecco perché ho deciso di parlare di un esempio pratico, seppur fittizio, su Product Heroes. Di seguito, il link all’articolo

The importance of tailoring a work methodology with an agile mindset

In the Business Dictionary, Tailoring is identified as “adapting requirements or specification to the current of operational needs through deletion, modification, and/or supplementation, without deviating from a norm”. This concept in Project management comes from Prince2, where the same can be modified and literary “tailored” to fit the project’s purpose. Projects have different sizes and…

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