Project 3: Note taking

The third task I was assigned to before performing a real Usability Test was to take notes while listening to 2 Usability test sessions.

This was a very interesting and straightforward assignment. It tested my capabilities of taking concise and direct notes during a Usability test.

It seems easy but it’s not because you are watching a live session and you need to have already in mind an information structure to help you get to the point without writing down too much unnecessary information.

The structure

The structure that I used was pretty simple and was following the facilitator mental structure:

General context:

  • This is the initial piece of information that links the user to his/her life context

Last experience:

  • This is referring to the most recent flight booking experience of the user

Task details:

  • What are the details of the tasks the user needs to perform on the airline website

End to end experience:

  • A walkthrough of the entire experience from the User perspective


  • What the user particularly liked


  • Was the user surprised of seeing something unusual on the website?

Didn’t like:

  • What the user didn’t like

What I learned:

  • Important findings that I will bring with me to create a better User Experience for FlightLoom (a new fictitious airline company)

My Notes

Here the PDF available to download with all my notes and remarks! If you would like to give me some feedback, it’s highly appreciated.

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