Project 4: Airline website Usability test

The fourth project I was assigned to on my UX journey was a Usability test.

A Usability test is a research technique that allows you to find out what works and what can be improved on your digital products.

As my final project was to create the designs of a new airline website called FlightLoom my usability test was focused on making my user test two existing airline websites and summarise the results.

The structure

Here what I did before during and after my Usability test:

  • Before
    • Got written consent from the participant
    • Adjusted the Usability test script
    • Prepared the session setup (this time the session was remote)
  • During
    • Explained how the session will be conducted following best UX practices
    • Performed a depth interview to understand the context and background of the user: how do they use the product? In which context? With which frequency? Do they do it alone or with someone else?
    • Asked to perform some tasks with two airline websites
    • Recorded the session for note-taking purposes
  • After
    • Analysed and summarised the findings

Depth interview objectives

  • Learn more about the context of use
  • Learn how to structure an interview script
  • Learn how to conduct depth interviews and draw insights from users

Usability test objectives

  • Learn more about the context of use
  • Build my skills, experience and confidence

The Script

Here the script, kindly provided by the UX Design Institute, that I adjusted for the purpose of my tests available to download.

The recorded session

Here the session that I recorded where the user compared two well known airline websites.

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