Project 6: Airline website Customer journey map

The 6th project in my UX journey was a Customer journey map to structure all the data gathered until now and summarized in the Affinity Diagram here.

A Customer journey map is a fundamental step in the analysis phase because you are structuring your research data in a journey that makes sense for the user and fills the gaps of the “messy” Affinity diagram.

There is a little bit of subjectivity involved but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a mathematical process.


  • Create one customer journey map
  • Learn how to translate research data into a structured document
  • Showcase this technique in my portfolio


  1. Use the customer journey map to define the high-level steps in the journey. These steps should correspond to the high-level groupings (more or less) from the affinity diagram.
  2. For each step, document the goals of the user, any positive interactions or pain points, and whether there were any behaviours the website or app was not facilitating.
  3. Assess whether each step of the experience was positive or negative. Where relevant, add some direct quotes from your customers to help bring the journey map to life.

The Customer journey map

Here are my scribbles: better to put things on paper first 🙂

Here is the map, available to download. Feedback is more than welcome!

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