Project 7: Airline website flow diagram

The 7th project in my UX journey was a User Flow Diagram to finally get into the Design process and represent step by step the flow the users will be going through for the airline booking process of my new fictitious Airline website: FlightLoom.

I am not going to deny it. This is a hard and lengthy process but if you have done your homework right (UX research and analysis), it will be much easier to envision the flow the user will be performing.


  • Define the high level flow
  • The diagram should go from the homepage to the payment screen
  • Address issues in the affinity diagram and customer journey map
  • Prepare for designing screen details


  • Sketch out the user flow. Each screen or state should be represented by a box. Each interaction, such as choosing a date, should be represented by a circle.
  • Sketch the flow from the homepage to the payment screen.

The User flow diagram

Here’s the PDF version of the flow diagram. Feedback is more than welcome!

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