Project 9: Prototype for desktop

The 9th project in my UX journey was a medium to high fidelity prototype for desktop to represent click by click the booking journey of my new fictitious Airline website: FlightLoom.


Prototyping is no easy task. These are the most valuable lessons I learned throughout the journey:

  • You need to refrain from adding too much details, otherwise you fall into the UI Design trap and you do not want to create pretty graphics, you want to solve meaningful problems for users.
  • It’s important to design the main flows first. As a asecond iteration you should add the main interactions and only as a third iteration you can add as many interactions as you want.
  • Do not underestimate the difficulty of learning a new tool like Figma. The first time you use it, it might seem very daunting but there are a lot of useful tutorials on YouTube, therefore you are not alone! Try to go through the tutorials first and then follow step by step what expert designers do.
  • Remember that this is an iterative process. Do no try to do everything at once, take plenty of breaks and try to span the creation of the prototype across different days. If you do this, when you come back to the project after some time has passed, you will look at it with a fresh perspective and you mgiht find contradictions or things that do not work.
  • Extend the size of your clickable targets for accessibility. Remember that you are not the user!
  • Single click to fill the forms. After all it’s a prototype. Be economic and smart about the effort you put in the forms. The goal is not to test the forms but the prototype.
  • Test the flow and each single piece a lot of times. Only by thorough testing you’ll be able to create a smoother flow for the user.
  • Always ask for feedback. I usually do a “mom test” to understand if the fow is easily understandable. If my mom understands it, then most of users won’t have huge issues to get through it.
  • Don’t get too much attached to the prototype. You will iterate a lot.
  • Don’t waste your time on high fidelity / pixel perfect, be practital. Use shortcuts when you can.

The desktop Prototype

Here’s the prototype. Feedback is more than welcome!

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